Three Finger Jake

Jake was a cowboy, no doubt about it. He loved the sport and was very good at it. Many years ago, he shot a speed pistol side match and ran five shots in 0.94 second! From then on he was named the “Fastest Man Alive”. This was long before short stroked and super slicked up guns. Jake could shoot a pistol faster than anyone I have ever seen, and that includes the shooters of today.

 The travels of Jake and his favorite shooting pardner, Punch SASS #4368, soon became folklore. To be around them proved to be a laugh fest. Jake was always in the middle of some sort of hi-jinks. If you heard a crowd of people laughing, there was a good chance Jake and Punch were in the middle.

 It seemed everyone that knew Jake and not one story, but a whole bunch of stories, all ending in laughter and strong memories that will last forever.

 He often spoke about his wife, Patty. “I don’t know what I would do without her. She has been there, by my side, every day to help me through this.” It was a long and painful journey.

 Jake is at rest now, and we must go on. We miss him, but we are all richer from the experiences we shared with our friend, Three Fingered Jake.

by Chuckaroo