Madin Montana

The Perry County Regulators have had to deal with the loss of a couple of very dear people over the past years, but none have struck so hard as the loss of one of our junior shooters. SASS #41256, Madin Montanna, aka Angie Stayer of Mifflintown Pennsylvania was taken from us due to an automobile accident on March 5 2004.

 Our sweet Madin was only 15 ½ years old and the purest ray of golden sunlight ever to grace our ridge. She was a sophomore at Juniata High School where she was vice president of her class and active in the student council. Also active in sports, she played soccer and softball, her softball team ironically was called the “Cowgirls”. She loved being a member of the Ickesburg Sportsman’s Association and enjoyed all types of outdoor activity. She loved hunting deer and turkey, fishing and camping. She was always there to help when it came to fish stocking time. She was one of the finest junior shooters, winning many awards for Muzzle loader at the Sportsman’s Association’s Pennsylvania State Championship Juniors’ Match. She earned at least two 50 pin for a perfect 50 score, a score difficult even for an adult to achieve. Yet, Madin Montana earned one at the ripe old age of ten.

 I remember the SASS Northeast Regional of 2002 where she finally got her alias and SASS badge from Coyote Calhoun. She just glowed with delight as she ran around showing it off to all her cowboy friends.

 She was a joy to be around, always flashing her beautiful smile and ready laughter. She had a pure loving heart and truly cared for life and those around her. She was like a shooting star on a warm summer night, lighting up our lives and bringing us happiness.

 The tragic accident that took her also claimed the life of a fellow student, a wrestler. They were on their way home from the PIAA wrestling championships. The shock of the event has left the community stunned, but none as much as the cowboys and cowgirls who loved her so very much. She was truly a ray of sunshine in our lives and Regulator Ridge will be significantly less bright in her absence.

 By Snappy Lady