As you can see by his badge number, Griz was a member of SASS before Pennsylvania had any active Cowboy Action clubs.  His alias, Griz, goes back to his favorite action of scratching his back on the nearest tree during his involvement with the Mountain Man Rendezvous. 

He loved the cowboy way.  He recruited me after his first shoot and we hit the cowboy trail together.  Griz hunted, trapped, shot Cowboy Action matches, collected guns, slept in his teepee at weekend matches, and loved a campfire with a pot of chili and beans.  He had the patience to teach Boy Scouts the safety and fundamentals of Cowboy Action Shooting and continually amazed his fellow shooters with his knowledge of history, cowboy movies, and firearms.  You could always find him manning the unloading table.  What better place to look over and talk about everyone’s guns?  Shortly before his passing, he lived out his dream on a cross-country trip, camping in his teepee.  He visited John Wayne’s birthplace, shot a trophy buffalo with his Shiloh Sharps, and had a meeting with the Director of the Buffalo Bill Museum.

Griz was an Endowment member of the NRA, a member of the PA Muzzleloaders’ Association, the PA Trappers’ Association, Forks of the Delaware Gun Collectors’ Association, the American Legion and several private gun clubs.  His favorite Colt was not engraved “Griz”.  It reads “John Wayne American”.  He loved the game that we play and all the people he met over the years.  An easy-going cowboy who enjoyed everything, he will be missed by all.  Best of all, he was my Pard.

by Boomer