Dutch P. Coaltrain

Dutch P. Coaltrain was the culmination of the ideal which is known as  Cowboy. He did not just embrace it as a sport. He lived it every day. He owned two types of clothes. Those he worked in and his cowboy clothes that he lived in. There was no mistaking him in a crowd; his slight six foot frame, enhanced an inch or so by his cowboy boots and another few by the large Montana peak hat that he preferred, left quite an impression on the local folks around his rural home in Pennsylvania. His Frock coat even served two purposes, as his dress up wear for the shooters balls and as his standard coat for church on Sundays.

 His leisurely gaunt and easy going manner made everyone comfortable when in his presence. He was quick with a smile or hug for anyone who needed it.

 He was born in Harrisburg Pennsylvania but had a cowboy heart even as a young man. Given the nickname Dutch while in the navy because he was the only person in his unit from PA, didn’t stop him from dressing like he was a native Texan. He moved to Texas in 1976 where he lived for 10 years with his wife and two sons, where his love for the old west grew. During that time he began to play the game that we now call Single Action Shooting as a hobby with his friends and would even dress up when visiting local tourist attractions, causing the tourist to believe he was part of the living history of the place. This he enjoyed because he prided himself with the study of old west history and was willing to spew information to anyone who would listen.

 He was also a true patriot; believing with all his heart on the foundation of America and the iconic American ideals. Nothing stirred his heart more than the sight of Old Glory passing in a parade or the honor given to our Armed Forces.

 Yes he was a true Cowboy. And when he found the sport of SASS in the late 90’s he jumped into it with both feet. Being one of the three founders of the Perry County Regulators and serving as its president until his death in 2005. His vision for the club to be a family oriented fun way to spend a Saturday set the standard for the club. Creating a Buckaroo Class in 1998 and a Vaquero Class for all the wanna be’s out there.

 Even with his failing health he exceeded in his obligations to his beloved sport and won the love and respect of all who knew him.  His humor and tenacity left a lasting impression that will never be forgotten. In my opinion when they made the phrase “A Heart As Big As All Outdoors” they were speaking of Dutch P. Coaltrain.

by Snappy Lady