Cactus Charlie

Cactus Charlie aka H. Charles Thomas was 72 when he passed away at his home in Selinsgrove on October 3, 2010.

Charlie was a quiet gentle man who cared deeply for others and drew no attention to himself which was why the sudden announcement of the cancer that took him came as such a shock to those that loved him. It seemed that we no sooner heard of his battle than he was gone and we who are left are groping in the dark; for the gentle guiding light that was Charlie is no longer with us.

The light that shone from Charlie came from a deep and abiding love for His Master and Savior and we could see and hear Gods wisdom in everything Charlie said and did. You couldn’t be around him without smiling, for it was a joy to know him. It was an exceedingly great blessing to call him friend.

He was active in shooting sports for more than 60 years. He shot on the Pennsylvania state muzzleloading team for 10 years, was a member of the NRA, the Single Action Shooting Society, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association who knew him as Possum Charlie. He was also a life member and past director of the Kreamer Sportsman’s Association, and the Pennsylvania Federation of Black Powder Shooters. He was an annual member of the Snyder County Historical Society.

His love for Cowboy Action Shooting was apparent as he traveled in his trusty camper from shoot to shoot. It was always great to pull into a shoot and see his camper and know that Charlie was there. He blessed Regulator Ridge by his presence often and with his wife Libby was a fun and pleasant necessity at our Camp Fire’s at Cowcamp. His black powder loads and steady form was stuff of legend for as far back as I can remember Charlie was always there.

The Cowboy Shoots will never be the same without him but I know his spirit will be there and I know that with every resounding boom and billow of black powder we will look for and remember Charlie. We that knew him and had the pleasure to shoot with him will always remember the good old days when Cactus Charlie was with us. For those who were blessed enough to call him friend will keep him in our hearts forever.

by Snappy Lady