Blazin Barrels

Blazing Barrels was one of the first shooters to hit Regulator Ridge.  Shooting along with his son, Damn Kid, Blazing Barrels fired his .45 LC’s with full power loads.  I asked him once why he did not shoot reduced loads and his answer was that they didn’t have reduced loads in the old west.  He was a hard worker in the posse and always had a full smile on his face and laughter in his eyes.  He was a life member of the Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association and a member of the US Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR), serving at Indian River, Delaware.  He had not shot with us for a couple of years and I really didn’t know why.  His companion, Dottie, told me the he had been working the last two years to get a degree.  At the same time, he was studying to make Chief Petty Officer in the USCGR.  That really did not surprise me.  I knew he loved the Coast Guard and his country.  Just another example of his determination.  Blazing Barrels was buried at sea from his duty station in Delaware.  Dottie asked me to pass this message on to all the cowboys and cowgirls who were fortunate enough to know him, “He loved you all and really enjoyed the years he spent shooting with you”.  Right back at you, Barrels!  I guess I could sum up my thoughts with a line I once heard in a movie.  “I rode the river with him and I got no complaints.”  I am glad that I had the opportunity and good fortune to shoot with him.  He will be missed.


By Tuscarora Slim