Albuquerque Al

If it wasn’t for the vision of Alan Lightner there would be no Perry County Regulators. He became interested in Cowboy Action Shooting while working with Letort Lawman and Dutch P. Coaltrain at Lear Corp-Mazland Division. During the year of 1998, he ventured out to the Westshore Posse and saw Cowboy Action Shooting in action.  At that time Al was an active member of the Ickesburg Sportsmans Association and he proposed an idea to his two shooting buddies. He knew that ISA had a large Rifle Range that was sitting basically unused and thought that it would make a nice Cowboy Range. So with the help of Letort and Dutch, he presented the idea in a meeting of ISA. It took several meetings and a demonstration of the sport in October of that year to convince the Officers of the club to give Cowboy Action a shot. So with Al as the president, Dutch as the vice president and Letort as the safety officer, the Regulators were born.

 To say that the Regulators are grateful to Al is an extreme understatement. He had the vision and all we can do is hope that we’ve made him proud. He was a late comer to the game of Cowboy Action Shooting, but he loved the game and all it represented none the less.

 He served as the President of the Regulators for the first three years until his illnesses prohibited him from attending the game. But during that time, he was instrumental in bringing about the inception of all the special events that we now hold dear

 He was a quiet man with a soft spoken manner and each of us that enjoy Cowboy Action on Regulator Ridge can look back on where we have come and see Al’s steadfast form moving us forward.

 It had been many years since we’d seen or heard from Al and we knew that his illness was severe, we were heart broken when we heard of his passing but we were proud when we were invited to participate in his funeral; the least we could do for all he had given us. He was a faithful friend to the end and will forever remain in our hearts and memories.

 By Snappy Lady